Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tumblr Is Much Simpler Than You Think

Tumblr is often seen as one of the most misunderstood social media platforms out there. However, it is a platform that should not be ignored by businesses. There is a huge audience on Tumblr the trick is finding the right way to connect with them. It's not always easy to thrive on this platform but if you pay close attention and follow the proper etiquette you could become "Tumblr famous".

Essentially Tumblr is a microblogging website that is now owned by Yahoo! Inc. The platform allows users to "reblog" images, videos, music, or short-form blog posts. The content of the users you follow is what makes up your dashboard (similar to a newsfeed), from your dashboard you can add the posts that catch your eye to your own blog. People often obsess over the notes on their posts (equal to likes and shares).

I have been on Tumblr for about four years now. It is not an account that I use to keep in touch with my friends or update people on my day to day. I use this platform to express myself through images and quotes. I tend to keep my Tumblr separate from my Twitter and Facebook. I find that the Tumblr community frowns upon combining other social media worlds with that of the blogging site.

Tumblr is part of my online identity and it can be said that it's part of my brand. While I don't have a large following I still believe it allows me to connect with a different group of people I would not otherwise reach on other social media sites.

That being said, Tumblr is a platform brands should highly consider, especially if they are brands that rely on the visuals.

Mashable recently put out an article about the "15 Brands Rocking Tumblr".

It's a good list to go through in terms of companies that use Tumblr in different ways yet the right way.

Calvin Klein is an excellent example of how simplicity and a sleek layout attracts people on Tumblr. They use their account to provide consumers with sneak peaks of clothes, info on models and photo shoots while still integrating their own ads.


The Daily Beast is another brand that is properly utilizing Tumblr. Their "Cheat Sheet" tumblr gathers news from all over the Internet and gives you the gist of things with some awesome pictures included. 


Last class I was amused to hear Professor Talan say "Tumblr is blogging for lazy people". Which essentially is true but many people that use Tumblr would be offended to hear that. When I really get to thinking about the reason I love tumblr so much is because I don't have to sit there and read paragraphs on paragraphs of something. It's all visually appealing and takes up minimal time.

Now, the debate about whether people on Tumblr can be considered bloggers is a whole different discussion. Let's just leave it at Tumblr being the go to destination for those who appreciate visuals.

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